Handle models below build plan

In Cura I have previously moved a model somewhat below the build plane in order to quickly test something on the top part as seen in the picture.

The “view GCode” seems to suggest that PathIO only slices the top part. However, the time estimate is for the full part.

In fact looking at the Gcode the first layer reads

; PATHIO: New layer
; layer 1, Z = -17.799999
; PATHIO: Starting new track
; tool H0.200000 W0.400000
; skirt
; indexLimit: 21
G92 E0.00 ; Set the current filament position to E=0.00
G1 E-3.00 F2100 ; Retraction
G1 X139.40 Y140.00 Z-17.80 F5100 ; Travel

My guess it that the attempt to move to Z=-17.8mm would cause a nozzle crash. Especially for people (like me) with a BLTouch.

We currently don’t handle models placed below the build plate (although I guess we render them correctly). We are going to make it so we handle this like you’re used to, where the model simply gets cut below the bed.

Note that many printers actually ignore gcode that goes outside their maximum or minimum printing boundaries, so your printer may automatically ignore the command to go to Z-17. I think you’d still get results that you didn’t want, but assuming your printer is set up that way you at least wouldn’t have any safety problems. However, we completely understand that Pathio’s current behaviour is not ideal and we’re going to fix it.