Pathio Users

Help us Create a Roadmap / Issue Tracker

The Pathio team is looking for suggestions on how to share our roadmap and priorities with you. This would include:

  • What features are coming down the line
  • What bugs we’re currently solving (and know about)

For now, we’re planning on using this Discourse forum to talk with you and keep track of issues, but it doesn’t meet all of our (or your) needs. We’re looking for a platform or workflow that will minimize the overhead for us to keep you informed (so that the information stays up to date) and is easy for you to add to and review. We’d appreciate any suggestions about platforms or workflows that could be appropriate.

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I don’t think that features coming down the line needs much more than a regularly updated (monthly? fortnightly? however long your dev cycles last…) html page on the pathio site. It doesn’t have to be much more complicated than that, it doesn’t necessarily have to drill deep into the hows of what you’re doing, just headliners of say:
Planned for next feature release

  • Cubic Subdivision infill
  • Mirror controls for models and groups

Upcoming development

  • Gyroid infill
  • Ironing/Neosanding

That should hopefully be a copy and paste job in the grand scheme of things.

For bug tracking and visibility, in my former job, I only ever found dedicated bug tracking software to be useful for managing bugs. Anything else becomes uncontrollable, unwieldy, and resists how you want to use it.
I personally swear by Jira, but the needs and the scale of the projects I worked on were very different to yours. For you guys, I would consider the project based things like gitlab. They have good, lightweight bug tracking implementations, and depending on the states you establish in your bug workflows, you can make it clear where dev time is going (perhaps even getting devs to comment on when they’re working on it, if you want to. Thats a double edged sword in some respects…) People are used to it from other projects too, so it doesn’t require much “user training” hopefully.
I know that there might be some duplication between what you use internally and externally, and ideally you don’t want that, but it may be worth seeing what integrations you can use or potentially develop to assist with that, migrating bugs or updating statuses between one and the other. Certainly beats tying up a person with the same task, in the long run.

It seems like if you just want a simple spot to keep upcoming features and stuff in work as well as known issues and their status, then Trello is basically a staple.

Trello was how we were originally keeping a roadmap while in closed beta. I personally found keeping it up to date really difficult, but I think that was due to us working on more, smaller issues at that time. It might work better now that we’re in open beta, though…

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I mean if it’s just a public facing thing, you dont need to fill in stuff to great detail such as who it’s assigned to and such. All you basically need is to make the card with its description, and then several groups to put the cards into. Such as “Possible features”, “Planned features”, “In-Progress”, “Known bugs”. Cards just get made once, and moved into different groups.

Jira was mentioned but it is a bit pricey. Backlog appears to be a more reasonable alternative.

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Autodesk uses Mural for displaying their fusion road maps