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I can´t see the model over the build plate


I add a model to a group and I can see it rotating when I place the mouse over the “I” button.
The problem is that I can´t see this model over the build plate.
I tried many stl files and the only one I can manage is the Pahio logo that came with the software.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance

HI mtohme,

Could you send over a picture of what you mean?



Hi @mtohme,
We currently have a bug where we can’t load in models that have non-ascii characters in their file path or in the name of the file itself. Try moving one of your models to your C: drive (assuming you’re on Windows) and importing it again.
Hope that helps and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hi Gabe and Daniel

Thank you again!
Problem solved.
I moved some files to c: and everything is ok.