IDEX compatible?

Will Pathio support IDEX printers? Just curious

IDEX printing has some potential

CraftWare do it for their CraftBot 3 printer
BCN3D use a Cura flavour for their Sigma printers

Reason I ask, is if you had two nozzles of different sizes say 0.3 & 0.6, you could use a much bigger range of variable layer heights than with one nozzle or mix and match to create different infill strategies.

IDEX printers typically work just like a normal dual extruder printer, at least from the slicer’s perspective. You should be able to use IDEX printers with Pathio already!

Thanks @Gabe I don’t have an IDEX printer yet, but looking at getting one. The CraftBot 3 uses their own slicer, so I was just checking. :slight_smile: