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Import GCode to analyze

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I have a couple G-codes that print flawlessly but I have long since forgotten what I changed I know my fault… But…

Why is this useful?

To be able to analyse previous sliced models to re create settings.

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    Yes but I believe only S#D can do this.

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Well, most slicers actually provide their settings in gcode as comments, for occasions like that. It is somewhat possible to gleam some insight from the gcode, if we also have the stl model. However, I think that it isn’t really possible to reproduce settings from another slicer, so if you aren’t getting the results you need, why bother? Introducing a comprehensive tuning suite into slicer (flow, temperature, retract, speed, etc) is a better solution.

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Understood. and while I agree. I would still love to be able to import GCODE and look at it fromt eh slicers perspective.

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Well, perhaps the easiest way to do something similar, is simply to parse the settings, written in the gcode file, I imagine that most of the settings are pretty similar and would simply require a syntax parser for every slicer that you want to import settings from. Simplicity of it all is relative, mind you.

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One of my favorite GCode viewers is contained in CraftWare.

This ability to view GCode from both your own slicer and other slicers is a feature that I would love to see in Pathio.

Totally agree that CraftWare has good gcode preview!

We “normally” show the slicing settings you used at the top of your gcode file (in a comment), but that got broken right before launch. We’re going to fix that up.

I agree that being able to see what slicing settings you used in previous prints is super important. Like what @Soul said, I think that a comprehensive tuning suite is a really good tool to get you to settings you like, but doesn’t address the tweaks you do along the way in a project.

We’re thinking about some pretty powerful project-based features that should help mitigate these problems effectively. This is a longer-term feature, and we’re not quite ready to share the details because the ideas are still evolving quite a bit. I’ll share later on when we are more clear on what we need feedback on. Suffice it to say there’s some really cool stuff we want to do to fix this.

As for directly importing gcode to look at, it will take a little longer. Right now the print preview in the app itself is coming from the step right before the actual gcode is generated, so we can’t preview actual gcode as of right now. That’s a feature we really want, though, as it’s one of the main reasons that I have to keep Simplify3D around…


Thanks for the info. Thats great. I am currently able to preview the gcode. and I do like that a lot. :slight_smile: It does help. I am enjoying the beta playing with it a lot. Cant wait for the next update. :slight_smile: 28%20AM