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Inner perimeters are ok?

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    Tevo Little Monster, Duet modified
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In the last pieces i have try to print, last much time slicing…5 minutes or more… when others slicers do the job in 10 s…
Attach STL causing problems
aproxAspiradorMano Guias ventana.STL (453.7 KB)

Hi Peirof,

Sorry about this.

We’re using a new approach to slicing, we call it 3d offsetting. This method means that we introduce more complex maths, making the slice time much longer. We’re getting this optimised though, but we have been focusing on the slicers robustness for the moment. Bare with us, the times will get shorter!

If you want to have a look at 3d offsetting in more detail, check out the doc here:

Do let us know if you have any more feedback or suggestions!



No problem, I asume that Patio is in Beta version…