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Integration from Pathio to upload to Octoprint/Duet3D within UI

Suggestion Summary

The idea would be to offer the option of save to gcode or to upload gcode to an Octoprint instance or Duet3D board, directly from within the slicer without having any intermediate steps.

This proposal may also mean that the printer profile would gain another settings pane, allowing the user to connect the printer profile to the required instance of Octo/Duet3D.

Tevo Tornado
Upload to: Octoprint
Octoprint URL: Octoprint.local:5002
API Key __________

Anycubic Kossel
Upload to: Duet3D
Duet URL: kossel.local

This functionality may also have to deal with replacing of existing sliced files or similar too.

Why is this useful?

Removes intermediate steps between slicing and printing for networked printers.
Beneficial for toolchanger printers as they run on duet3d hardware.

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    Slic3r prusa does. Cura does via 3rd party plugins IIRC

Perceived priority

Low/Nice to have, but not essential for “gold master”

Screenshots/Supporting Info

Ideally would support zeroconf addressing, since both Octoprint and Duet3D offer this. IP addresses could also be supported.
Preferably uploading would be done in the background to avoid locking the UI (e.g. if the user wants to slice something for a different printer)


Yes, this would make transition from Cura much easier for my workflow. Granted it’s not a huge deal to save and upload via Octoprint GUI, but the one-click print from Cura is super nice. I honestly don’t care about Cura’s ‘Monitor’ pane which pulls status from Octoprint and offers rudimentary controls. Just being able to seamlessly push a sliced file to Octoprint via API would satisfy my needs.


I agree, Octoprint integration is one feature lacking and important in many slicers out there. You could also work to take advantage of the Octoprint API to provide integrated controls and/or printer diagnostics.

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Yep - Totally agree!

We’ve got this down as a feature request.



Hi Guys,
I would definitely throw my +1 to OctoPrint integration! It’s a major part of my workflow and a feature in Slic3r I really appreciate!

Perhaps even a better option is to include a post GCode generation scripting hook - that way we would have the most flexibility and the community could write scripts for post GCode processing!

Even better, include both options! I know dreamer :slight_smile:


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maybe a post processing scrip as in Simplify3D this is mine to post to Octoprint

curl -k -H "X-Api-Key: myapikeynearlypostedit:)" -F "select=true" -F "print=false" -F "file=@[output_filepath]" "http://octopiIPaddress/api/files/local" {STRIP "; postProcessing"}

This is a killer feature. The ability to click “Send to Octoprint” and have my printer spool up and go is extremely important to me.


Another vote for Send to Duet please. Optionally, also have the option to upload and start print, or upload and start simulation.


Hello all! Greetings from Argentina! Here is another vote for both octoprint(currently using) and duet(have the board, need to install it).

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Yes please integrate Octoprint upload and allow for username/password options as well. This has completely stopped me from using upload in Slic3r as I have my Octoprint instance behind a simple HAProxy login.

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Definitely Octoprint would be amazing.

Currently slicers slice and pass the Gcode to the printer and forget about it…

I would love to see the ability for scripting to control the printers “live”, so that feedback loops could be established for optimal slicing “while printing”

Example: filament starts to droop, camera spots it so the slicer picks a different strategy for handling overhangs

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This would be amazing.

Can understand it’s not a priority feature, but would be a great quality of life inclusion.

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+1 @overextruder and I’d definitely like to see a post processing script option for the generated output file, like Simply3D, and Slic3rPE. Don’t need a “monitor” function either, as I have functionality within an existing script to pause and abort a print.

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Yes Please! A simple script would be enough. I have been spoiled by Simplify 3D and Octoprint integration.

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We’re super happy to say that due to the popularity of this thread we’ve fast-tracked Octoprint + Duet integration. It’s in our latest release: V0.5.3 Beta. Thank you all for your feedback and we hope you enjoy!!!


Nice, will be testing this tonight

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Only thing its missing is a button to have pathio start the print for you!

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Hi @craftxbox, welcome!
We decided to make sure that you still go to the web interface to start your print, as you’d almost certainly want to preheat and make sure your printer is good to go. We were thinking that there wasn’t much point in us completely copying each feature of Octoprint and Duet’s web interfaces when you could just have one open in a browser window!