Pathio Users

Is still still ongoing?

I discovered this project yesterday and got pretty excited about it. Seems like a fresh take on what’s turned into a pretty monotonous set of slicers that more or less do the same thing.

However, the community posts seem dated, and the download links yield a 504 error.

Is this still an ongoing project?

Yeah, had some buzz initially, but died out it seems. No word from the developers. A bit of a shame, as it seemed to have some promise. Oh well.

Yeah. I was stoked when I found this only to look thru everything and see it wasn’t active. :man_shrugging:


Anyone happen to have the windows installer saved? My curiosity still gets the better of me

It seems incredibly inconsiderate of the developers not to give notice of their intent. This looks very bad for E3D’s reputation.

The project unfortunately appears to have been abandoned, I’m unsure if the activation server is still activating new licences, however I have the following binaries available if anyone wants them:

Lets give them a whirl. Would you mind zipping the whole thing and tossing it on dropbox or easyupload or something?

I tried to upload straight to the forum but it wouldn’t let me, Here’s the zip file, should have everything I have: