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Is the pathio project still alive?

I thinks the headline speks for itself


Beta’s stopped coming and forums got quiet. I see twitter active with the new titan aero replacement but that’s about it.

I was definitely hoping for further development/releases…the prints I can get from pathio are very good but it still needs tweaking/updates. The one thing I really want is a spot in each filament for scripts/gcode entry so I can input each filament’s different pressure advance setting.

I followed the project, it was a very interesting slicer, but for quite some time it seems stopped …

a shame, it was promising

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Nothing has happened for a long time, i nearly forgot about Pathetico, oops pathio.

Hello,some news ?? about the project ?

@e3donline twitter always ignores tweets and @pathioXYZ hasn’t tweeted or responded. I think this project is dead… otherwise, for the life of me, there is absolutely NO REASON for e3donline twitter to ignore questions… (or they have a robot/dumb script doing all their PR and they need to learn how social media works)

I think the silence says it all.
I’ll chuck my prediction in. Pathio gets bought by Autodesk and the slicer turns up in Fusion 360. They have been expanding the additive manufacturing section.
We shall see…

Cannot access the betas to download. Getting a Gateway Timeout… sad. I just found out about the project and wanted to try it.

Same here with a Gateway timeout. BTW, was at TCT2019 and I heard Gabe was no longer on the Pathio project. I assume it’s stalled, or worst case ceased, as somebody has done the maths and wondered whether it could get a return on the resources it is consuming. I use Cura, Slic3r and others, but I thought Pathio had some nice touches, so it’ll be a shame if this is the end, but I predict it’ll morph into a multi axis slicer X,Y,Z,A,B,C & it is in the works in that Skunkworks lab :wink:

No one responds from twitter, so I assume this is dead. Kind of sad they don’t even respond to say “yeah, it’s dead”… but then again, they don’t respond to anything. I find that sad. Luckily e3d resellers are super amazing, maybe i’ll ask filastruder if they know any details.

Standing by my prediction 2 months later :slight_smile:
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