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Is there an equivalent to S3d factory files?

I see that I can save G-code, but is there a way to save a particular configuration and come back to it? I see some json goes into the Gcode file but I’m unsure how to reload that, and in any case it doesn’t contain the geometry.

This is a pretty important function to me. Very handy in S3d.

Or perhaps there is something about the workflow that I am not getting right?

In any case, I find myself feeling uneasy about how the configuration settings are managed. It isn’t very clear how I am supposed to do it, and in any case it doesn’t seem very easy to experiment and then get back to a baseline setting to try something else.

We’re about to work on exporting a full project file this week (Slicing settings, machine settings + model files), along with the UI workflow required to import part or all of the settings from a file you’ve gotten from a friend, etc. For now, you can save more limited project files with the File -> Save Config option. This will save all your slicing settings (not your machine configuration settings, though), in a file of your choice, which you can re-open whenever you want.

A word of warning: this means that your settings will not be stored in your default storage folder (found from the debug menu). Just an FYI. You can use the Debug menu to wipe your slicing settings too, by the way.

We’re looking into more ways to improve the workflow. If you’ve got any suggestions of what you’d like to see improved from Simplify3D’s workflow tools, we’re all ears! We have a few ideas for improvements to the tuning + iteration workflow that aren’t quite ready for prime-time, but we’re looking forward to exploring them


Thank you very much for the response. Let me get a little more familiar with what you’ve got and then I will come back with more thoughts on the matter.

Will this include support for exporting .3MF files?

We’re just starting to look into alternative model file formats. There’s a lot of possibilities there (outside of just importing them), so we’re doing some research before we commit to timelines. I can say that we hope to have .3MF files supported eventually, but we’re still figuring out our roadmap.


FYI, V0.5.2 Alpha 2 has import/export functionality, which is our first stab at something like S3D’s factory files. We’d love to hear if this is suitable for your workflow, or if there are any features that are missing to make it more useful. We have ideas internally for improving things, but we’d appreciate your feedback!


I’ll take a look at it ASAP

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