Pathio Users

Known issues with the Latest release (V0.5.3 Beta)

We have had a number of instances regarding Pathio crashing with the Latest release V0.5.3 Beta.
These issues are taking effect when selecting the bowden option or sending files via Octoprint.
Please see below for further details on these issues.

  • Issue with selecting bowden.
    Previously the option to select bowden or Direct was inactive however has been made a selectable option in the latest build. Selecting the bowden option does not make any setting changes and will enabling it will result in a crash.

  • Issue with sending files via Octoprint.
    We are aware that when sending files via Octoprint causes a crash in some instances.
    From the feedback we have received this is due to http:// or https:// not being included when configuring the Octoprint IP address.
    We would recommend that http:// or https:// be applied to the IP address as this should prevent the crash.

Please refer to Octoprint and Duet Web for further setup information

We have a resolution planned for both these issues and will aim to have these included within the next release.