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Let user "paint" the exact start/end locations of the walls

Suggestion Summary

Allow user to paint the exact locations of the start/end of the walls. allow the user to switch to “side view”, apply grid on top of the side view, let the user paint the exact location they want the start/end seams to be for each layer. if there is an island that are unspecified, use the default slicer setting.

Why is this useful?

no, other slicer do this. the closest thing to this is kissclicer’s dial that allow you to specify the angle but not per layer.


iceSL does this really well. Pathio could learn a lot from it.

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This is 100% in the plans. Should be doable with our 3D viewer. Stay tuned for more information about Z-seam improvements.


@Gabe Look into Zbrush’s UV Master Plugin. I really like the Protect/attract method, rather than a pure painting method. In Zbrush, this is done for flattening a model’s polygons for texture mapping. in the case of a face, you would want to protect the facial features (red) and attract edges in areas that are less important to preserve (blue)

This will result in a flattened mesh which preserves the mesh faces as desired, deforming as needed, to separate, using the attractors where possible. Note the semi-legible, almost fetus-like face has no discontinuations inside the protected region.

Without this control painting, you can wind up with a seam right in the middle of the face, when things dont go well (used attract feature to make this “worst case scenario”. Note the complete lack of a discernible facial pattern).

I think that this could be more useful than a true seam painting method, while still allowing for only seam painting, if attract is only used. in many cases, I dont care so much exactly where the seam lies, so long as it is not in a crucial area i am concerned with, such as a face. even just a pure “protect” brush would be more useful for me than a pure seam paint brush would be.