Pathio Users

LicensingTool and Virtual Machine Issue

Hello, I have an issue activating Pathio on v.0.5.1-beta2 in a virtual machine.

After launching the application, I am greeted with the “Welcome to Pathio!” screen, which states “Looks like your account hasn’t been activated yet” and attempts to activate. A red notification then pops up three times, saying “LicensingTool - Application is being run inside a virtual machine or hypervisor, and activation has been disallowed in the VM”. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 as a hypervisor, and the guest is running Windows 10 Home. VMs are being managed using virt-manager.

I’m not sure how activation is being disallowed, so I don’t know where to go to enable it. Any insight into the issue would be appreciated.


Hi @kenena,
We don’t allow use in a virtual machine by default, that’s why you’re getting locked out. If you can send an email to from the email address you used to sign up, we can set your account to let you use a virtual environment. Sorry for any trouble!

No problem. I realize it’s not a typical setup to be running; just glad it’s not an actual problem. Thanks for the help (got around to sending out the email a moment ago).