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Local adjustments for infill percentage in xy plane

Suggestion Summary

Set infill percentage on model by painting area of the model. Not only as a function of z-height.

Why is this useful?

Often I find myself working with weight distribution and moment of inertia in my designs. A paint function for infill would enable the user to alter the density of the printed object.

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    Slic3r does local adjustments, using generics as modifiers. But this this approach is the very fast to use and it creates sharp seperations of infill pattern as well.
    Ideally the infill should seamlessly blend in pattern and maybe even gradually.

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I definitely see the use in this.

I’ll put it down as a feature request.

Thanks for the feedback!


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This is a good illustration of what I was describing here: Varying slice settings by Z height

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I am thinking it could be implemented a little like the local adjustment brush in Lightroom. Maybe even adjusting other than infill percentage.