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Marlin or RepRap?

So QIDI X-Max printer. Marlin type I guess you would call it.
In S3D the firmware type selected is RepRap(Marlin/Repetier/Sprinter)

In Patio should I select RepRap or Marlin or does it matter?

Hey Wirlybird,

I would believe that you should probably choose Marlin. Looking at the QIDI website and amazon page, there’s nothing to say that they are using marlin, but if you’re already using marlin type, I assume it should be ok.

Let us know how it goes!


Marlin seems to work ok. I need to look into the differences between Marlin and RepRap.

The QIDI is most likely using a modified version of Marlin.

RepRap Firmware is what runs on Duet3D electronics boards. Marlin, on the other hand, is what runs on the vast majority of other electronics boards (including most Chinese-manufactured printers, too).

Simplify3D calls Marlin/Repetier/Sprinter all “RepRap” because they’re usually used on RepRap machines.

You’re going to want to use Marlin in Pathio, for now. Fortunately, both firmwares use similar GCode, so I don’t think you would have any problems if you accidentally picked the wrong one, anyway.

Thanks for the info Gabe. Marling seems to be fine and is what I expected the firmware to be or at least a variant of it.