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Material not saving

Maybe I’m not doing something correctly but is the extrusion multi associated with a material profile or printer profile? I dont like the auto save thing cuz I’m not sure what is being saved exactly. If I select a material profile and set the extrusion multi to 1.3 and then flip back to another material profile the multi is still the same. Whats the trick to working with PATHIO’s profile system?

All slicing settings are part of your printing project, rather than a printer, HotEnd, or material profile. Printer and material settings affect your dynamic default values for your slicing settings, which you can then override. You can see which settings have dynamic defaults by looking for the little ‘atom’ icon in the Global print settings:


Right now, materials/filament profiles impact the following settings:

  1. Filament Diameter changes the amount of filament extruded, but it isn’t tied to a dynamic default
  2. Print Speed affects your default print speed (which then is modified to get your first layer speed, etc)
  3. Temperatures will change your printing temperature, assuming you’re not trying to print hotter than the maximum HotEnd temperature.
  4. Cooling Fan settings will adjust the default fan speed and fan activation delay.

Hope that helps. If there are other settings that you think should be saved with the material profiles we’d like to hear about it, as we’re still working on making them as useful as possible (we know that they’re a little bare-bones at the moment).

Let me know if you could use any more help, or if you need more clarification.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I’m used to “ANY” slicer setting that I change and save as part of a profile. Specifically, extrusion multiplier which may not be the best example in this case but surely something that would be nice to associate with a Ninjaflex profile for example which notoriously needs to be bumped up when compared to a PLA profile for example.

Could you describe a typical workflow when working on slicing one object in PLA and then loading another to be printed in Flex? If I understand correctly, I would basically need to change/adjust everything except for speed, temp, diameter, and cooling each time I slice an object? Just wanna make sure I understand. I’m a propentent of carefully selecting the proper settings for every model I intend to slice and I’m not a fan of one size fits all profiles but it would be nice to be able to save and then recall more than just the 4 settings you mentioned.

Would be nice if the user could specify which settings they would want saved to a material profile, a speed profile, and a cooling profile. Just shooting from the hip and haven’t really thought thru any implications of such an approach. Something like a hybrid between Slic3r and S3D or something.

Correct. Right now we don’t have any other way of storing anything else you’d like to change. In the shorter term we’re probably going to add flow-rate, retraction, and retraction speed at least to materials, since they seem to be popular requests.

Interesting idea. Because materials sometimes have strange requirements, I’ve been playing with the idea of applying settings to a material, rather than having a preset group of overrides like we have right now.

We’ve not done too much thinking about speed and cooling profiles, because the possibility for collision between a setting associated with a material and a setting associated with quality/speed is pretty hard to resolve. If you’ve got ideas, we’d love to hear them.