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Message after slice

  • Modified Tevo Little Monster
  • 0.6.1
  • PETG

100% infill

The model seems slice ok, but after slice, i get multiple error messages…

Hi @Gong
As per our reply to your other post We would kindly ask if you could send your feedback via pathio including your current model file and settings.

This will allow us to view your settings and determine the cause of the messages you are seeing.
We thank you in advance for the requested info.

Layer fan.pathioshare (1.4 MB)

Whith this its enought?

Hi @Gong Thank you for the provided file and info.
We believe that the issue you have indicted falls under Multiple error messages being displayed in succession. This should now be resolved and we would suggest downloading our latest V0.6.2 Beta released yesterday (26/06/2019).

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