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Minimum Layer Time

Suggestion Summary

Have a minimum time for each layer before starting the next layer.

Why is this useful?

I have just started using Pathio, coming from Cura, in Cura they have the minimum print time per layer to help when printing tall thin objects.
For example, I printed a pirate ship. The last part of the print is the tip of the mast for about 15 layers at not quite 1 second per layer it turned in to a messy blob because the previous layers dont have time to cool.
In Cura this would have the hot end move away until the minimum layer time was up then start the next layer.


Hey MuFFy,

I believe we already have this down as a suggestion, keep an eye out for the patch notes to see if we release this feature!

Hope this helps and do let us know if you have any more feedback or suggestions!


Nice one!

Loving Pathio so far, printed on default settings and quality was good just some stringing.
Now I have tweaked a heap and getting clean prints.

Might be good if you have your default speeds set a little lower to make it easier on beginners using Pathio.


We’re having a think about how we are going to be organizing default profiles - We are hoping for the community to be able to submit their own profiles for other people to use, so you’ll be able to submit your own custom profiles for the world to see! So stay tuned for that!

Glad you liking Pathio and do let us know if you have anymore feedback or suggestions!