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Move Filament Diameter

I’d prefer filament diameter was in the main section where extrusion multiplier is.

Why is this useful? More convenient because you will need to adjust this with every print most likely.

  • Do other slicers do this?: Yes. S3D does and Slic3r does.
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Hi @wirlybird,
Thanks for the feedback. I was under the impression that most people set their filament diameter to 1.75mm and forget it, but you bring up a good point. We’re planning on making the favourites tab editable, and it sounds like we should add filament diameter as an option. Thanks, we’ll keep that in mind when that comes down the pipeline.

Good, I’ll respond to another post also about first layer extrusions. I found that my issue was indeed the filament diameter. I rarely see a filament that is 1.75 and most are barely 1.70!
I always stress for people to measure their filament and enter the diameter.

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