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Multiple nozzle size printing

A feature I would like to see borrowed from subtractive manufacturing is to be able to use separate tools for roughing and finishing. I.e. be able to print the bulk of the print using a coarse nozzle on a volcano with a high layer height and the details of the shell using a fine nozzle with a smaller extruder and a lower layer height.

This can yield prints that preserve the details of small nozzles but close to the print times achievable by coarse nozzles.

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Something to keep in mind is the different later heights… Would need to do the tiny detail then follow up with the course to meet up with the finer layer heights. Of course that all depends on the thickness of the preceding layers laid by the finer nozzle if they are even

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At the moment we do have a Slicing setting for printing thicker infill. For using different nozzles for infill and shells, you can do that with the materials tab at the moment. This should give you a bit better print speed without sacrificing print detail!


There are a few requirements that needs to be met to do this. As you state the finishing nozzle needs to print first to avoid crashes, so for each coarse layer height you need to have an integer amount of fine layers where each layer can be fully supported without the coarse layer.

The slicer could do this by first slicing a shrunk model of the input where fine detail is low pass filtered out and no feature sticks out of the original shell and have at least one fine track margin. Then make a coarse toolpath for this simplified model. Then you slice the difference between the original and the coarse model (Essentially a shell that keeps the fine detail) and build a toolpath for that outside in (So you gapfill inside the model and not on the outer perimeter). Lastly the toolpaths are interleaved with the fine toolpaths before the coarse.