My dream printer profile settings

AI would like to see profiles better done than it is in either Simplify3D or CURA, which I have used. In the case of both of them I end up making custom settings for both printers and filament because there are aspects of each that do not follow logically in both of those other slicers. You cannot slice every filament the same on every printer, so some settings need to go with the printer. Conversely, you cannot slice every filament on a particular printer the same either. Nor can you slice every resolution the same for either of the above.

What I would like to see is the ability to set up a particular printer profile such that I can define particular filaments that can be tuned to particular layer heights. I would like to be able to define not just the printer name, but the hot-end name, filament and layer heights. With either of the above, when I switch to a different filament or layer height, I have to re-diddle several settings because they are not saved in the profile relative to printer:filament:layer height.

In my experience, I cannot slice my Cartesian printer’s eSun PLA at .2mm the same as I can slice that PLA on my Folgertech Kossel 2020 printer at .2mm. There are lots of differences between the hotends, extruders and geometry speeds. There are even more differences between filaments and brands and layer heights.

What I would like is control over the following profile details that can be tuned to follow layer heights and filaments on a printer:
temperatures (set by layer, with more than one layer change option)
extruder output % (by layer if possible would be cool)
shells (fast 2 walls, medium 3, high-def 4, for instance)
fan settings! by layers. Also, set a layer time trigger point to start speeding up the fans.

As an example, I set my print speeds to 80mm/s for PLA, but only 60 for ABS and PETG, and 40 or lower for TPU. I can move TPU faster through my A8 direct extruder than through a Delta bowden, so clearly I cannot use the same speed for both printers either.
For ABS and PLA I set my first layer to 0.9 of the layer height and 100% extrude rate to squish it. PETG will barf with that, I set PETG first layer height to 1.5x regular and 1.2x extrude rate.

For ABS I do not use a fan for anything but bridges, for PLA I will run the gamut from 30% to 100% fan depending upon layer print times. For PETG I’ll run between 40% and 80% depending.

Nozzle size should be a printer level setting since that will determine how to set up layer heights, fans, speeds, extrude percentages, etc. for different filaments.

So I would like to be able to choose my printer. Then choose my filament and THEN choose my layer height and not have to fiddle with anything else because all of those are related on THAT printer correctly according to my needs that I created when I added all of those features in the setups. Currently there is no slicer out there that will do that.

There is very little that does not get fiddled with when moving between layer heights and especially filaments.

Does that all make sense?


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