Negative extra restart distance ignored

Suggestion Summary

Entering a negative number in “Extra Restart Distance” is accepted by the UI, but the slicer appears to output gcode as if the value is zero. Positive numbers work here, but for some filaments I’ve found that I need to use a negative value here to prevent “blobs” on path starts after a retract.

Why is this useful?

  • Do other slicers do this?: Yes. both Cura and S3D allow negative values for this parameter.

Screenshots/Supporting Info

Hi @scottr55,
Sorry for not getting back to you right away! Could you send us a feedback report with an example of a print you tried that did this? Please include a link to this thread so we know it’s you.

The “Extra Restart Distance” should accept negative values no problem, so I’m curious to look at your GCode and see if there’s something wrong with what we’re outputting, or if perhaps your printer is reading it wrong. What printer do you have?