New Variable - Layer Seconds

Suggestion Summary

Add a new scripting variable that is computed by the slicer that reports the anticipated layer time at the start of each layer.

Why is this useful?

For models with varying layer time, it is necessary to adjust cooling, and if the maximum cooling is not enough, reduce the print speed. This is especially necessary for models with tall slender features where the plastic has not had enough time to cool before the next layer is printed. Working this variable into a conditional statement would allow the slicer to automatically adjust the print speed and cooling at the start of a new layer, require fewer manual slicer adjustments before printing.

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    All major slicers allow the adjustment of the part cooling fan speed and print speed if layer time is below a certain number of seconds. This is a common and critical slicer tuning option that needs to be adjusted for every printer and printing environment that dramatically improves print quality.