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Non-uniform support generation

  • Prusa Mk3-MMU2
  • 0.5.0-beta3
  • generic PLA 1.75

I have a model that supports are generated but are not the same on both sides of the model. I have overhangs.

Also by rotating the model Z:90 I get a completely different support structure setup.

Hey Jimmy!

We’re curious about what’s happening here, could you send a photo/video of what is happening?

Your config could also be a great help - To send it go to the tab in the top right corner called debug and click Open config directory. You can them upload them when replying to this thread. It would be a help if you were to zip this up with the model you used.

Thanks for the feedback!


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I tried replying but I’m not allowed to upload attachements.

James Traylor

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That’s not great - We’re on it.


What type of file are you trying to attach? It looks like we have our permissions set correctly…


Email stopped working as it tagged it as SPAM in your system.

It was a ZIP file. I will try to upload picture on another post.

Capture Capture2

Beta 5 - configuration folder - tried uploading ZIP file, I get error as “New Users can’t upload files”

Aw that’s annoying,

@Gabe has permission to change that limit, he should be able to fix that.

I’ll add this in as a bug, that’s very interesting…

Thanks for pointing this out!