Pathio Users

Not exactly a success, but a status report

These are results for printing the Benchy benchmark boat. The first image is from a Simplyfy3D slicer, the next image are two attempts to emulate the S3D profile in Pathio. I think that we need more “knobs”.


When I emulated my simplify 3-D settings, I actually got very good results in Pathio.

The issue I run into most of the time, is that files will not complete slicing. They end in errors.

But again, the slicing results, and printing results, were quite good for me, when it works.

Have you tried a “Benchy”? I also printed in PETG which is finicky to print…


Hi @RoboDLC,
It looks like you’re suffering from a lack of bridging settings, and a lack of minimum layer time settings. Both are things on our radar. We’re also aware of the issue with missing layers eon Benchy.