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Not extruding when print starts

Im trying to get Pathio to work, however it just seems to print with nothing extruding, the extruder motor is not turning. Is this a setting somewhere or am i missing something?


Hi Alex,
First, welcome! Thanks for trying out Pathio.

If your extruder motor is not even trying to turn, I would say to double check that your printer is actually heated up before starting to print. Usually the firmware of your printer will stop the extruder motor from turning if the HotEnd is below a specific temperature (~100C or so). If this is your problem, you might have to change your start scripts in Pathio to make your printer heat up correctly. Also, if you unchecked “Nozzle Temperature Control” in the temperature tab, your printer will not heat up (provided your start script is setup right).


If neither of those things seem to be the matter, please send along your slicing settings with the feedback tab:

  1. Just set up your project to show the problems you mentioned above
  2. Click the unhappy face
  3. Select “I want a reply”
  4. Select “Include your models and settings.”
  5. Paste the URL of this discussion so we know it’s you

Thanks! We’ll take a look and see if we can figure out what’s going on.