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Nozzle Idle Temp delay look ahead

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Hi everybody,
it would be nice to have a feature that will delay to set the nozzle to idle temp. I mean that the nozzle dont go to idle temp if it will be use in the next “x” layers. This will save a lot of printing time while mutli extruder printing. So we can set for example for example a delay of 10 layers and the if the nozzle is used on the next layer then the “timer” will be reseted. If the nozzle is not used for the next 10 layers the it goes to idle temp.


Thanks for the idea. We’ve just started looking into how to make heat up/cool down during multi-material printing a little bit better. This is a tricky area because it can be argued that firmware is the right place to do this kind of “look ahead” heating. Still, we’re doing some exploration right now.

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Hmm In my opinion the firmware is not the right place. In the firmware we have just a small buffer. Where we look ahead max. one layer (i think in bigger print it is not even one layer).
I see no other possibility to place it in the slicer. The simple way is to define just a layer delay. The advanced way would be to define a time how long the nozzle take to heat up. Then calculate the right place to turn it on.