Older 3D Systems gcode - BFB

Create a BFB profile for highly generic gcode.

DDD (3D Systems) is one of the leaders in BFB 3D printer code.
Extremely simple and powerful code that has taken Cubify to it final days ending around 2018.

3DS slicers were at one time somewhat amenable to changes. Over time, these files were closed and canned print files based on their single proprietary slicers. Recently, these have been modifiable with extra ordinary efforts… but it is possible to breathe new life into these printers.

The most user friendly versions of these printers has been the Cube 3rd generation printer. The gcode is simple. Z-precision is set to 4 digits. Making a comparable g-code for the Cube3 requires 4 digit z-values and 3 digit X and Y. The default slicer layer height is 0.1925mm. This allows for a good starting point for recipe development in that we have the raw slicer data based on these values.

In the BFB implementation, every line has a Z-value and an F value. which other printer type generates this type of G-Code? Cura added BFB as a printer type. So far, this has been very useful. I can see Pathio making this addition as a strong entry for all the legacy DDD printers out there by understanding the BFB protocol and integrating it to output print-ready files.

Hi @TommyDee
If you could send along some documentation about the differences between normal gcode and the code used for 3D Systems printers, we can look into supporting it. We are not focusing on these kinds of non-standard printers, so I’m afraid you probably shouldn’t expect to get support for them anytime soon, especially without a good definition of how they work.
Thanks for the suggestion,

Thank you Gabe. I am kind of surprised to hear you put BFB in those terms. BFB, as introduced by AXON, is the root of what you are doing with pathio output files. I can easily provide your development team with a wealth of data. However, by your response, it doesn’t sound like pathio is interested.

We’d appreciate the data a lot. It may be easiest for you to email support@pathio.xyz . I just wanted to stress that it is not on our immediate roadmap. I try to be realistic with the timelines for new features with Pathio because I can imagine everyone getting tired of hearing “Coming Soon!” all the time. If there’s interest from the community, and if you can provide us with some help we may be able to get BFB support in at some point in the future.

Fair enough, Gabe. I will reach out to the support team and see what we can set up for dialog.