Pathio Users

Older MakerBot?

Good Day people. I was jumping in to see if I could utilize this slicer for my MakerBots?
Looks like its going in a great direction and wanted to grow with it.

Thank you all


Sure you can. We don’t have pre-defined profiles for makerbot, but its very simple to setup one if you need to.

Let us know if you need any more help!


Which MakerBot printer do you have? To my knowledge most use .x3g files instead of raw gcode. Pathio doesn’t currently genereate .x3g files for you, but you can use GPX yourself to convert them. I think I remember another user saying that they needed to delete the first comment with all the slicing settings, though.

I have 2 - The older Rep 1 dual extruder and a Rep 2 single extruder - I know the Rep 2 needs that .x3g but not sure if the Rep 1 can use gcode.
Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the reply - I would love to get some guidance for sure. Any help is welcome.