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Orientation bug (?)

Hi all, I’m trying the latest build with just simple models, while I ran into a bug (i think). When I place the 3D model I’m not able to stick it on the bed using the “Plane to bed” feature and if I start the slicing it slices the model with a different orientation.

The model is available here. I also uploaded an unlisted video on youtube

I hope that I have made this clear.


Thank you for the update.
We would kindly ask if you could send your feedback again via pathio including your current model file and settings.

Once we have this we can review the model and try to replicate the issue you have indicated and provide a response accordingly.

We thank you in advance for the requested info.

Hi @james.c thank you for your answer. Today release (0.6.1) fixed this issue. Thank you again. :grinning:

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