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Overlap setting?

  • Printer Name Ender 3:
  • Pathio Version: v0.5.0-beta6
  • Filament Type: PLA

Important Slicing Settings: Temp: 215, Retraction: 7mm 25mm/s speed, Print Speed: 80mm/s (I usually print slower, but that was the enders default profile.)

Just decided to try PathIO out today. Just as some quick feedback, the UI is nice and user friendly, I was able to jump into it straight away (coming from cura). Im not a fan of having to make an account to use it but thats just me I guess.

Printed the PathIO logo as a test, and its came out decent, apart from the top layers. Any overlap setting or similar I can tweak to get rid of this? Thanks!IMG_20190224_183824011

Hi blaablaaguy,

Under the shell tab there’s a setting called ‘Shell fill and perimeter overlap’ that controls how much those solid fill tracks overlap with the perimeters.

Let me know if this is what you were after or not.


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