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Part cooling fan control/intelligence

Suggestion Summary

potential smart improvements to the part cooling fan control.
For example, using whatever analysis you use to create support to also offer smart fan spin up/spin down. E.g. overhangs, bridges etc trigger the fan to spin up or spin faster under PWM control. [perhaps consider a material override of this setting for particularly fan-unfriendly filaments]

Similarly, knowing where part cooling airflow comes from on the hotend (i.e. blowing toward X max, blowing toward both X max and X min for dual outputs) could potentially dictate an optimum model rotation in Z, or how tool moves are constructed in path planning to get the best performance out of the cooling attached to the printhead.

Why is this useful?

Cooling benefits overhangs and bridging, ultimately it could improve prints free of charge, or allow prints with more challenging geometry to not fail.

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    Not that I’m immediately aware of.

Screenshots/Supporting Info


Hi Chompworks,

I really do like that idea, it would very interesting to see how this would work - I’ll put it in as a feature request!



Also interesting - user defined areas where part cooling could be improved. e.g. small support towers or thin features could be flagged by the users (like the seam painting idea @sanjay suggested) to enable better cooling and/or less failures.