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Pathio first tough print - good overall but some issues - first data point

  • Printer Name: Prusa Mk3 Stock except for an updated cooling nozzle
  • **Pathio Version:**V0.5.0 Beta 6
  • **Filament Type:**3D Fillies PLA+

Important Slicing Settings:

All stock for PLA excepting Shell thickness: 2, Temp 205 degrees C, 10% infill

I printed this Low Poly Thinker Statue ( using Pathio as the slicer and scaled to 120mm high from the original 200mm. This is something I print a lot and I have a well tuned profile I use in Slic3R for it. Result from Pathio v0.5.0 Beta6 as below:


There are some quality issues, particularly ghosting but overall it’s a pretty good print with sharp edges and no overhang issues. The ghosting I attribute to the stock 80mm/s speed and the lack of the post-processing plug-in I am using (see my other post about script post processing at I will move to a more sensible speed for the next data point (probably 45 mm/s).

The steep overhangs and angular changes make this a tough print and I think Pathio has performed admirably for a Beta product using almost stock settings.

There was unfortunately a fail right on the top of the model. As I did not observe the occurrence I am only guessing but I think the low infill (10%) may have led to some kind of fail on the top layer. The print head had struck the model and it was upright but had shifted along the bed. This is the first data point so too early to tell what happened. This is the first real fail on my Prusa.

I am printing a control sample right now using Slic3R with similar settings to Pathio to provide a fair comparison.

I will probably split the model so I can just print the top 50mm or so in future prints. This is so I can isolate what happened with the head without wasting a lot of PLA.

I will keep you all posted :wink:

Awww that’s annoying.

We have a couple of issues with coasting, where it’ll go outside the print and occasionally to 0,0. Which really isn’t good. It could well be that seeing as the head had struck the print… Could you upload your Gcode for us to have a look at? But yes, it could also be infill.

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!



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Hi Daniel,
Here’s the GCode.
Pathio Thinker 120mm -Prusa MK3 (912.2 KB)

Hi Rick,

Looking at the Gcode, it seems your are entirely correct, there is quite a low infill. Hopefully upping could solve it!

There is also quite a few retractions as well, which could play a role in this as well. But that’s a problem with us.

Let us know how you get on printing with a higher infill percentage!