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Perimeters Don't Add Up!

So I set 4 tracks but it appears I only get 2 perimeters.
If I set it to 2 tracks I get one perimeter.
Any ideas?


@wirlybird (hi fellow Chris) Are you certain you aren’t changing global settings while the model settings remain constant?

“Group 1” Set to (2) tracks : image

Model 1 Set to (4) tracks : image

Results in (4) tracks : image

If you swap the “model” and “group” shell settings, you wind up with (2) tracks : image

I can see this becoming an issue in the future, where users are unsure which setting is going to be respected. I think the model will always overrule the group, so long as it is changed AFTER the group?

They are both set the same but good to know.

It seems that I am only getting 2 perimeters because the part is thin vertically and there is no infill. See picture.

Now, the next thing I see is on the Logo I am getting 8 bottom layers and 8 top layers unless I override the settings.
Not sure I really like this setup.


It also seems that if you set the Group perimeters it will affect the models but not the other way around.

That makes sense, i think that’s what it was designed to do, respect group/object hierarchy.

I would like to be able to set perimeters and top, bottom all independently.
I know in time good things will come!

you can already do this, but you have to check "Overide top and bottom shell thickness, at which point, the box that holds the override value shows up. I would urge devs to just gey things like this out, to avoid confusion.


EDIT: i guess its not quitre what you wantr,k since top must = bottom still in this case. i also would like to be able to set more bottom layers but not more top, or vice-versa

Yea, I know that is there but it still groups top/bottom as far as I can tell.
Still it is good to at least be able to adjust top/bottom separate from perimeters.

I also just noticed that if i set it at 2 tracks, that only applies to infill layers. solid fill layers still only have 1 track. which i also do not like.




I think what it is doing is that infill is supposed to go over the inner most perimeters.
So, if you have 4 tracks set then infill will go over 2 of them and then only 2 where there is solid infill.

I can see that it is intended to add strength to the walls where their is infill.

It is a different approach.

There’s a few things going on here.

  1. Perimeters are split into 2 groups: inner sets, and outer sets.
    • The outer sets are always the outer lines of your model and are the surface you see when you actually print it and hold it.
    • The inner set of perimeters bounds the infill of your print on one side, and any shell fill on the other (if you’re printing a face with a steep incline).
    • On the top and bottom surfaces of your print there’s no infill, so there’s no need for the inner set of perimeters. Also:
  2. We use Shelving, which rests the top solid fill tracks’ corners on the inner set of perimeters from the layer below them. This gives really good surface quality, because you’re simply printing the tracks over infill which might be too sparse to hold them up. You can see a demo of this in our launch video and I can explain with photos if it’s helpful.

It is a little weird to have your top and bottom surfaces show different amounts of perimeters from what you’re “expecting”, but we think it gives really good results. If you’re having particular trouble please do let us know and we can work to mitigate any problems it’s causing.

Thanks, no problems just getting my head around what it is doing so I know what to set and what to expect to see from it.