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PID autotune gcode

Suggestion Summary : is there a way in you slicer to create gcode for PID autotune for extruders and heatbed. We can do that with printrun but I like better the ability to play with a gcode instead of controlling that option with a laptop.

Why is this useful? Extruder calibration

  • Do other slicers do this?: no

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Thank you

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To run a PID tune, all you need to do is send a line of GCode (M303) to your printer. Pathio doesn’t currently talk to printers over USB, so we don’t have any way of starting a PID tune for you. We’re looking at supporting USB printing and printer control (which would include being able to send any GCode command you want to your printer, like M303.

But this would still be sending GCode to your printer from your computer (a laptop, in your example), which sounds like it’s not what you want, right? What would you like to do instead?

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I have a gcode to run a pid on my printer, I just change some line for temp or extruder. The gcode is on my sd card and it is easy to use without the need to plug a laptop. What I was talking about is the option to generate those gcode for some that don t know how to create some. Just put the feature you want in the slicer like.

Bed level to head print
Fan on or off
Extrude or not
Number of cycles
Head temperature
Bed temperature
. . .

After done , it slice and it create the gcode for the PID autotune for the hot end 0 , 1 or the heat bed .

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Hi @Daoust,
This is something we’d like to do but not all printers let the new PID values get set immediately after running M303. This means that if you run it from SD card nothing will happen on these printers. This sort of thing is rolled into a tuning wizard suite. See Printer fine tuning wizard (Retraction)

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