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Possible gcode generation error: Hotbed temperature not properly set

  • Prusa I3 PTS
  • 0.52 Alpha
  • REAL-3D black PETG

Important Slicing Settings:

Hotbed: 70ºC on the filament definition

I’ve been playing with the hotbed temp settings for this filament. At the beginning I tried 65ºC but it was too low and some parts were taking off the bed. So I raised the temp in the filament definitions to 70ºC. However, when generating the gcode, it appears at 65ºC as it was before…


The part:
Esquina-inferior-4-nervaduras.stl (107.7 KB)

Hi Jesito.
We would like to look into this further.
We would kindly ask if you could send feedback with your model via the feedback tab within Pathio.
Please include the link to this post in the text box, so we know can identify that it’s you.

Thank you in advance.

I opened a feedback as you suggested.
I notice something that I didn’t notice before.
There are two places where the bed temp can be defined: one in the filament settings and another one in the global printing settings. It seems the Global print settings take over the filament ones, and probably should be the opposite.
Thanks for your support.

All the settings that you actually use to print are set in the normal settings pane. The Hardware settings (printer and filament) are simply used for generating sane defaults (we call “dynamic defaults”) for those values. If you overwrite the dynamic defaults, then swap filaments, the overwritten temperature value will stay, because Pathio assumes you changed that value for a reason. At least, that’s what we do at the moment…

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Fine to know, thanks!