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Possible of a Bug repport

  • Printer Name: createbot mini

  • Pathio Version: 5.4 5.5

  • Filament Type: amazon black petg

I was ptinting a rectangle. All the start are at the same corner . In the first straigth , the wall are really thinner then the 3 other walls. What is the way to share the gcode for analyse? I feel like it underextrude in the first part of the print. But it can also be a mechanical problem, I just can t see how to test is if it is a mechanical problem

Important Slicing Settings:

240 degC hot end
80 degC bed

Hi @Daoust

We would like to look into this further for you.
We would kindly ask if you could send feedback with your model via the feedback tab within Pathio.
Please include the link to this post in the text box, so we know can identify that it’s you.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you, i send you the info . I m curently printing it and I will be able to report if the same problem happen.

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Ok the same bug happen again in my last test print. One side is 0.94mm with bad layer adesion and the other side is 1.52mm. The seam is at the corner near the thin wall. I have done the 3d model and each wall should be the same at 1.2mm. The new parts is 1.6mm instead

Hi @Daoust

Thank you for the update.
We would kindly ask if you could send your feedback again via pathio including your current model file and settings.

Once we have this we can review the model and try to replicate the issue you have indicated and provide a response accordingly.

We thank you in advance for the requested info.

I dont know why you ask, it was allready done before i post my picture and you replyed to me that it have done the same to you also. Then you requested to update with picture like I have done. Did I misunderstand something?

Thank you

Hi @Daoust we apologize for any confusion caused.
We will reply in more to you in detail via Pathio support with a solution that should resolve the issue indicated.