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Printer fine tuning wizard (Retraction)

Suggestion Summary

Interactive retraction tuner.
The notion is that if a user triggers this, a series of retraction calibration models are generated with different retraction settings [e.g. 1mm-6mm for a bowden printer]. User prints these, and then the UI then lets the user pick the best looking output. [e.g. 5mm]
The slicer then adopts these settings (for a filament or for the printer. Not entirely sure which profile is better to store this because it can be a factor of the two!) and can then repeat with smaller steps in retraction, array of retraction speeds, etc.

Why is this useful?

Users can do this already via existing slicers, but it is a heavily manual process, relying on users to know what they’re tuning to a degree. This would automate the experience, and could also be easily repeated (e.g. if a user buys a new Titan to replace their existing extruder, or a V6 to replace their hotend, or picks a particularly oozy filament) Proposed wizard would make retraction tuning more like inkjet nozzle alignment configuration.

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    No. Some printers offer on-board calibrations to a degree, but this would be a first.

Perceived priority

Low/Nice to have. It could be a good USP for Gold Master, but is not required.

Screenshots/Supporting Info

Could also potentially be tuned/repurposed into a wizard for easy linear advance configuration, if that becomes more commonplace.


Great idea! I have been mulling over the idea of a built in tuning wizard… We’re going to take a look at the UI of how this would work, as it will have to take you out of the normal slicing flow for it to make sense (see Kisslicer as an example of not doing that). Hopefully I’ll be posting soon for more detailed feedback


Very nice idea, I just printed the default model and it looks not that great for a first print.
The seem is very noticeable.
The bottom one is Pathio, Middle Slicer PE and top S3D all with default profile nothing tuned. Printed on a Prusa MK3 Slic3r PE seem is supposed to be on the second picture at the right round edge
20190218_163754 !

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New users can only put 1 image in a reply so I had to make 3 replies,.

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