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Question about shell

  • Printer Name: Home made CoreXY
  • Pathio Version: Beta 0.6
  • Filament Type: 3dOnline PLA Premium

I just try Patio and i found it awesome !!
I just want to know if i made an error about shell ?
I have 3 track but you see i have inner and outdoor track.

Ps : sorry for my english :roll_eyes:


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Hi @budi67,
We currently have a problem with shells that are 3 tracks thick. This is due to having a space that a track doesn’t quite fit inside of. We’ll be solving this with Dynamic Tracking. Until then, we suggest that you stick to ~2-4 perimeters for your prints. Sorry for any trouble!

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Hi Gabe ,

Thanks for your answer.
i will try this. No soucy for the trouble :wink:


Where is this setting found? I want to increase the number of top layers.

You can override the uniform shell thickness Pathio generates by using Override top and bottom shell thickness, in the photo below. Dynamic Tracking is still very much a work in progress, so you won’t be seeing it in the slicer for a few months (it’s a really tough problem, algorithmically)

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