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Recycle sign identification

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Will reading on facebook 3p printing group I saw a request from someone that I don t remember :no_mouth:

The request got my attention . He was asking if it was possible with the help of a slicer to add a recycle identification sign with the number.

I belive is request need attention because it will help to recycle plastics in a more friendly way.

How I belive it can be made! Let say you install the parts in the slicer in the position you want, with the help of a optional feature we can tag the recycle logo to the face we want and to the size we want. Once tag, it is now part of the print .


Thank you

Why is this useful? Enviromentl friendly

  • Do other slicers do this?: no

Screenshots/Supporting Info


Hi @Daoust.
Thank you for your suggestion.
We will add this to our feature requests.
Please do not hesitate to provide any further suggestions or feedback you may have.

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Hy James,thanks, Iā€™m already doing it.