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Retractation and line

Printer : Tevo tornado
speed 60mm/s retraction distance: 4.5mm retractation speed : 70mm/s bed:60°c pla sunlu 210°c

Hi i have 2 problems , in first the retraction like on the photo.
the second i have a line , because the print begin always at the same beginning of retraction or move.
Exist a option ? like random ??

thanks for your responce.

Hi Marsusu,

We do offer retraction settings in the quality tab so have a play around and see what works for you.

As for the lines, we’re working on this as its a common issue many people are having.

Do let us know how you get on and do let us know if you have any more feedback or suggestions!



I recommend you turn up your Retraction Distance value. It should be higher if you have a bowden extruder and/or a PTFE-Lined HotEnd. Currently the defaults in Pathio don’t quite take this into account.

i will try.thanks

Hello ,more rétractation not a good Idea…
I will try later, i must finish m’y project during m’y vacation.

If different retraction settings aren’t working for you, I would also suggest tuning your printing temperatures. Typically oozing can be caused by printing too hot, so try lowering your printing temperatures ~3-5C and see if that helps.

i think it’s not a problem of temperature , i use this filaments since a long time and i know.
i think it’s a retractation setting , i will test with less retraction.

I would agree that 210 is a bit hot for most PLA. I would also drop 5 and see how it goes.
Also adjust your retraction back down. Look for a print with good posts but maybe stringing and work from there.

What is the print speed?

hi, print speed 60mm/s
i will try in one hour with 205 °c and 2.5 in retract and 50 speed retract.

I’d also drop the print speed to 35-40mm/sec and see if it does better.

What layer height are you using?

hi 0.2 layer height.

Ok, layer height is good to get things dialed in.