Pathio Users

Retraction/Seam Issue?

  • Printer Name: FT-5 w/ BondtechBMG and E3D v6
  • Pathio Version: v0.5.1-beta2
  • Filament Type: eSun PLA+

Important Slicing Settings:

  • Retraction 1.25mm @ 40mm/s
  • No coast / no z-hop

I’m getting a weird retraction/seam on my outer path/shell. I’m using the same retraction sections as other slicers and retraction is working nicely elsewhere, it just seems to be an issue on the outer path. The rest of the outer perimeter looks very nice. The only other issues on the outside of this print were due to dialing in support settings.

It’s a little hard to see, but it looks like you have a gap in your Z-seam. We’ve seen this a lot in-house, and we’re moving to properly fix it. From our experience, it’s due to filament not being primed and ready at the start of a new perimeter, so the very beginning of that perimeter doesn’t have filament (and is a gap).

Our current stop-gap is to use the Extra Unretract value. Increase that a little and it should help fill in the gap. Note that turning it up too far will lead to blobs of filament, so do some experiments (printing a cylinder is usually a good way to spot Z-seam problems).