Screen Rendering issues

Thanks for a brand new slicer.

I loaded a famous model called akiko and sliced. It took quite a while (well, it is a beta hence just fine). During GCode generation I got error that your PC is low on memory. G code is generated and I was able view it. However I could not view the sliced model when tried to view it by moving sliders provided. So I loaded another famous model called Buddha. Again sliced, this time low memory error appeared and pathio crashed.You may like to look into this.

Yep - This is one of our priorities at the moment.

It’s happening due to lack of memory. We’ll try and get this fixed asap.

Thanks for notifying us!


Hi Cyberspider,
Out of curiosity how much ram does your computer have?

Lenovo Core-i5 2430 (2.4 GHz)


I have moded system using EXP GDC for an external graphics card ( AMD card with 2 GB RAM)

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit OS

27inch LG Gaming monitor…

(That’s a lot and seems self bragging but think it may help you just in case)

Ohhh sounds like a nice system :smiley:
Hopefully we his can be fixed soon .