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Script the default output file name

It would be nice to have the ability to script the output file name. This would allow you to base the name off the printer type, filament, nozzle, or settings and make it easier to recognize how a model was sliced without having to open a file.

For example in Slic3r I use the following to define the file name:
Results in:
Cable Spacer V5,0.480mm Sequential,Amazon TPU,Raise3D N2 0.6mm TPU.gcode


Hello @dot-bob, welcome!
Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve just chatted with some of the developers about this, and we really like the idea. I’ve created an issue for us to look into this in more detail when we work on our scripting capabilities. If there’s more interest in this feature we’ll bump it up our priority list!

Thanks again, and looking forward to hearing more of your ideas,

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It’s something I would like.
Especially at the moment whilst I’m comparing Pathio to other slicers. I’m either having to add Pathio to the file name manually or put the files in seperate folders.

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