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Scripting documentation needs more

I saw a pointer to the scripting documentation in Does not get right temp after script so I looked at it.

The syntax with {{ }} and {% %} looks familiar but I can’t place it. A reference to where this syntax came from might be useful.

The examples show {% if …%} and {% endif %} but don’t mention an {% else %} if one exists. The conditional operators are not enumerated (i.e. the not equal operator).

Under the “simple maths” section (should probably read “simple math”) the examples show addition and subtraction. An enumeration of all the operations available (i.e. multiply, divide) and if or how to nest operations should be added.

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Hey b-morgan,

@Gabe has been working hard on the documentation, I’ll link him to this thread to see what he thinks.

I would assume that you’ve probably seen the syntax from django? They use the same {% %} {{ }} for what we do.

The scripting section of the documentation is still under construction, I think there is an else statement. I’ll let @Gabe carry on and see what else would be useful.

We call it maths as we’re English :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!


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OK :wink: At least we both now know that it is intentional and not a mistake. I’ll probably make this mistake again as your English and my English sometimes diverge. :blush:

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Not to worry!

Hope I was able to clear the syntax looking familiar and some of your other questions up!

Hopefully Gabe will be able to clear the rest of your queries up about the docs!

Let us know if you need anything else!


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Scripting documentation is absolutely a work in progress. For example, we just added every single slicing setting as a variable (look in your slicing config file for their names), and that was done a few days before the launch of Open Beta. I’ll look into getting your concerns nailed down tomorrow when I get back to the office!

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Hi, just wanted to follow up on this. We’ve just finished a round of improvements to the documentation for scripting. Check out the new, complete list of variables you can use:

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