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Scripts Location

  • Printer Name: Prusa Mk3
  • Pathio Version: V0.5.0-Beta5
  • Filament Type: PLA
    Sorry for such a dumb question, but I cannot see where scripting is in the Pathio Application (on MacOS).
    How do I access the StartScripts etc.?

Hi aureumlocus!

We should have another video going out today on this!

You can access it by click on your printer in the top right corner, clicking the pen button when you hover over the printer in the dropdown and going to scripts.

Let us know how you get on!


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I’ve another question on scripts.
I’ve never written my own scripts from scratch, so for me it would be easier if when you expand each script it shows what Pathio is doing by default, then I can edit it to do what I want. Is this possible?:thinking:

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You should have a pre written script already?

When you setup for the first time, what printer did you select?

You can read more on scripts here:

Do let me know if you have any more issues!



I selected the Ender 3 profile.
All scripts are blank apart from the start and end g-code which I added myself.scripts

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Hi Oscar,

The start and end scripts should have contained something by default?

Most of the other scripting locations are for specific things, say you want to turn on the fan at layer 10 or something. Chances are that you won’t be using them, but if you want to have some specific Gcode run at a specific time, then you would use it.

It’s totally fine if they are blank.

Let me know how things go!


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Ah yes. My bad. I used a combination of what was already in the start script and added some parts of my own.start
Perhaps one day we will have a database for custom scripts for people to choose from.

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We are getting a way to share your printer profiles put together, so this should hopefully be included in that! Stay tuned!


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Thank you. I knew it would be something obvious! I thought I had clicked on everything…:grinning:

I have now incorporated my favourite startup script (based upon Chris Warlock’s Pretty PLA profile for Slic3R)…

M115 U3.4.0 ; tell printer latest fw version
M83  ; extruder relative mode
M104 S160 ; set extruder temp to 160
M140 S{{bed_temp}} ; set bed temp
M190 S{{bed_temp}} ; wait for bed temp
M109 S160 ; wait for extruder temp
G28 W ; home all without mesh bed level
G80 ; mesh bed leveling with extruder at 160 to stop blobs

M109 S{{nozzle_temp_0}} ; set extruder temp

G1 Y-3.0 F1000.0 ; go outside print area
G92 E0.0
G1 E8 ; Purge Bubble
G1 X60.0 E9.0  F1000.0 ; intro line
G1 X100.0 E12.5  F1000.0 ; intro line
G92 E0.0
M900 K30{endif}; Set Linear Advance Factor (30 for PLA)

Looking good aureumlocus!

Let us know how the prints go!