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Seeking clarification on state of retraction

Just saw Tom’s video and he mentioned that retraction was not yet developed. I’ve just jumped in and not seen any clarification in terms retraction - I may have missed something. However, in the pathio I came across Retraction settings - does this represent a starting point for retraction development or is it much further along that a few config settings?

Would be good if home page for pathio to provide a feature list combined with status, i.e. future, not planned, in development, ready-to-play and completed.

Here’s a good explanation of how retractions currently work. I’m not sure why Tom said pathio doesn’t retract. It definitely does. @Gabe do you have any ideas?

Retraction is definitely in. One thing you’ll notice is that its one of the settings that doesn’t have a flawless dynamic default attached, so it won’t auto-update if you swap printers. That’s because we’re still working on writing the algorithm that suggests good values for you. This varies mostly based on if you have a bowden or direct drive printer, but also if you have an all-metal HotEnd or a PTFE-lined one. Not to mention different filaments!

So for the moment, be aware that retraction is a slicing setting you do need to pay attention to. We’re on the case to make it work more smoothly! If there’s anything you think is missing, please do let us know for sure.

Will there be an option for firmware retraction? Or would that be discouraged because Pathio is doing some magic with retraction control?

I don’t see any reason not to have firmware control (at least not at this time). For now, you can manually add firmware control by adding it to the retract and unretract scripts. If you add anything to those scripts, it will overwrite the “normal” retract and unretract behavior. We haven’t tested it, but I think that should work :crossed_fingers:

I suspected as much based on the description shown in the retraction gcode section. I wondered if simply adding G10/G11 would work. I’ll have to test it.


Please do share if you get it working! That’s be something really good for me to put in the documentation for folks to learn from.

For whatever its worth in terms of the dynamic auto-settings. A zesty nimble with a genuine e3d volcano all metal, microswiss 0.6mm nozzle: 0.35mm retract at 30mm/s seems to work.

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I can confirm that firmware retraction does work.

Steps to use:

  • make sure you have firmware retraction configured with M207, either in your firmware config or the starting gcode block.
  • Then add G10 to the retraction gcode block, and G11 to the unretract gcode block.

Tested and worked here too. Thank you Phaedrux!

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wait, 0.35mm retraction distance? thats less than the nozzle diameter, you can’t tell me that does anything?