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Selecting model 'takes' (versions)

Suggestion Summary

Models can have different takes or versions you can toggle between.

Why is this useful?

In short, when you have arranged your models nicely on printbed, and you realize you need to update one (or multiple) models to a different version, you right click and choose create new take. Then you load the new version same place on the plate, instead of the old one. If you then need to have different options, you can right-click and select the take your want. It could also feature in the models list. It will make it super easy to have you plates setup and saved as project files for customers, but with the ability to tweak it, if needed.

  • Do other software do this?:
    Others slicers does not do this, but you want find many sound/video editors that does not do this.
Links to implementations


Github (as versioning)

Screenshots/Supporting Info

This builds upon this idea:

But changes it a little to comply with the philosophy @Gabe mentions.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We’re thinking a lot about the iterative workflow for using Pathio, and hopefully we’ll have some more to share on that once we have a better idea of what we’re doing. Personally, I am very interested in handling versions of models since that seems to be a normal CAD workflow.

In the meantime, we’ve tried to make it relatively easy to update your models while preserving model-specific settings as well as its orientation on the build plate

You can use the “Choose File” button to swap what model is loaded, or the “Reload Model” button, which will grab a new version if you saved over the old one.


Obviously neither of those has version control in there at the moment, but we’re thinking about it for sure. Thanks for letting us know that its important to you.


Very nice. I like these options. Especially the reload.

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