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Separate top and bottom thicknesses

There is a setting to “overide the shell thickness for top and bottom” but it is a single setting for both. Will there ever be an option to specify top and bottom differently ?

I print a lot with E3D volcano nozzles, and many times i want to have about 2x the layers for the top just to handle the bridging aspect with large diameter extrusions but slow print speeds but don’t want many for the base.


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This would be a good feature. It isn’t often I do top/bottom different but there are times when I add more top layers than bottom layers.

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Thanks for the feedback folks! Please do keep adding likes to the topic (or just viewing it is enough, we can see how popular it is that way).

One thing we’ve discussed in-house has been the reasoning behind having more top layers than bottom layers. Usually it’s because you want to handle bridging over your infill, and more top layers ensures better surface quality. We’ve been playing with the idea that the solution might actually be to ensure that bridging settings and detection can handle these top layers as well, instead of just applying bridging settings to external bridges.

Pathio doesn’t currently have any bridging settings, but this case is something we’re going to look at when we start to add them in.

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