Set Linear Advance in Filament Properties

Suggestion Summary

Have the ability to set Linear Advance (or custom GCode) in Filament Properties

Why is this useful?

This is useful as filaments can have varying optimal Linear Advance settings (K Value)

  • Do other slicers do this?: Yes, Slic3R offers this feature by having Custom GCode for each Filament allowing the insertion of GCode like this:

M900 K30; Set Linear Advance for this Filament

Screenshots/Supporting Info

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That’s a very nice idea,

I’ll add this in as a feature request!

Do let us know if you have any more feedback or suggestions!


Thanks Daniel. I appreciate your quick response. It must be like drinking from a fire hose now that you are in public beta:grin:

Thanks for that aureumlocus!

We really want the community to steer the direction that Pathio goes, so we really appreciate the feedback you are giving!

We’re happy the way the launch went actually, it went very smoothly and we really love the feedback we are getting, so keep it coming!


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You’re welcome. You are up against some stiff opposition, but your basic philosophy is something very innovative and looks like a winner. Good luck!


Hopefully this will be expanded to include pressure advance in RepRapFirmware. Each firmware seems to have it’s own implementation now.


I agree and it should be a setting under the filament profiles since each filament can have a different pressure advance or linear advance setting depending on which firmware someone is using. Having to change the startup script each time to set it is a nuisance.

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I agree too.
The same can be done via material scripting in kisslicer.


Pressure advance is already supported in RepRapFirmware (M572)

Any headway with this? Different filaments tend to have different pressure/linear advance settings to just setting it in the startup Gcode script is a bit of a nuisance. There should be some line item available on the filaments where you can input some gcode, this way it will be saved under the filament and not for the overall printer.